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MG Road Cars: Six Cylinder OHC (1931-1936)

MG Road Cars: Six Cylinder OHC (1931-1936)

Malcolm Green

ISBN: 0951942352



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MG Gold Portfolio 1929-39

MG Gold Portfolio 1929-39

R.M. Clarke

ISBN: 1855201941

Hardback Paperback



Cecil Kimber began in 1929 by putting special bodies on Morris chassis he bought in. Before moving to the Abingdon factory he had made the 14/28 and 14/40. This book covers the cars made at Abingdon and covers a wide range of models from the diminutive M-type of 1929 to the large saloons of the late 1930s. The articles cover new model introductions, long term tests, modifications, racing and rallying, touring, technical articles and history. The models include:- 18/80, M, C, P (various models), J (various models), F, L, K tourers and racing, N, SVW range, and T-types.